Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Abbey Leix Mansion

This home is located on the property at O'More College of Design. It is being used as the Administration building for a small college campus of designers.
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  1. Prefer not to tell-call me K.CDecember 23, 2009 at 10:21 PM

    My sister goes to college there and I have personally been inside the biulding. What you don't know is that the owner dies inside and has been haunting it ever since. And before it was a house or campus building, it was used as a hospital during the cival war. Many people dies in there and the intire campus is haunted. It really scary coming there at night. Especially the library. People have said that they have seen blood on the walls in the room where the owner died. Several have seen ghosts in the library. INCLUDING ME.

    1. I am an Omore College of Design student and I can tell you that, The late Mrs Omore Pitts died of old age not of a brutal, blood splattered fiasco, that would make the walls bloody. Yes she did die in what is now Theresa Corely's, the school registrars,office. However under no means was her death a struggle or brutal one. I CAN also tell you the grounds are not haunted as there was NO battle on the grounds that is Omore College Of Design. Before the mansion received the name Abbey Leix by Mrs Omore in 1970, the year the school opened its doors, It was called Wayland place manor. I suggest you look up the history of Wayland place and it will tell you all about the grounds and the masion that was built in 1866, a year after the battle of franklin. The mansion basement was however a morgue. BUT the house which I have many a night in is NOT haunted. The library by the way was built in the 1920s and owned by the same owner until the 1980s and is also not haunted. AND our Campus is beautiful at night, I suggest you come out to the Franklin Art Scene, which is hosted by the city of franklin, and is held one friday night out of each month and have some cheese and wine, and come up to the mansion that night, which is also opened for the Art Scene, showcasing the wonderful work of the colleges students and say hello. I would love to give you a tour and tell you all bout the TRUTH of Omore College Of Design.



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